Students make day for teachers

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WORLD Teachers’ Day was made extra special for teachers at the Mt Hagen Primary School by their students yesterday.
School captain Noel Pamunda, the student representative council and the students made the day meaningful for the teachers who had no plans to take part in the global celebrations.
The students organised everything since last term without the help of teachers and surprised them with creative dances, poems, songs, games and presented them with gifts.
It was an emotional day devoted to the teachers in recognition of the hard work they do as key players in nation building and human integral development.
Four young Grade 3 boys took the crowd by storm as they presented a “robot dance” and which made the teachers begging for one more.
The students said they wanted the day to be meaningful for the teachers in appreciation of the hard work they did for them.
Pamunda, who was speaking on behalf of the students, said teachers were the people that determined their future and moulded them into the type of person they would become.
He commended the teachers for playing a vital role in their lives as well as working extra hours so they (students) could get educated.
He said even though teachers faced their own problems and constraints in carrying out their roles effectively, the students appreciated what they did for them.
He challenged the teachers that even if “the government failed to recognise their importance, they should keep on giving the truth” because the students and the country needed them.
Head teacher Want Kiap commended the teachers for their efforts in ensuring that the students earned a basic education.