Teachers need pay rise, says Pearson

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TEACHERS should have sufficient income to purchase things beyond their everyday essentials, Teaching Services Commission chairman Michael Pearson said.
He said this would also attract and retain teachers.
“Currently there are many other attractions out there which offer much better pay than teaching.
“To improve the real income of the teachers beyond a maintenance income, that is teachers should have sufficient surplus income to purchase things beyond their daily essentials,” Pearson said.
He added that this would place them in a position to provide little extras to help with the education of the children.
Speaking during the World Teachers’ Day celebrations at the Papua New Guinea Education Institute in Port Moresby, he said it was only the dedication of teachers to children and their profession which made it possible for PNG’s system to survive.
Pearson congratulated teachers for more than five years and beyond 40 years.
He also lauded efforts of those who have passed retirement age but had opted to continue for students’ benefit.
Pearson said to achieve the universal basic education, it was vital that the government make every effort to improve the conditions in schools for both teachers and students.
“This includes providing the opportunity for many more of our children to take on teaching training,” he said.
He said PNG needed 4,500 trainees to become teachers in two years time.
“We only have half of this number,” he said.
He also pointed out that classes needed to be a size where teachers could give children some “one-on-one” time.
Pearson said this was not possible in a class of more than 40 students, adding the outcome-based curriculum was based in this ability to give one time with students.