Students set for exams

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The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 PAPUA New Guinea students doing university studies in Cebu, Philippines, will this week sit for their first semester preliminary examinations.

A statement from one of the students said the preliminary examinations would serve as an initial basis for the students’ class standing and performance since the start of the school year last June 10. 

“PNG students in the Philippines are enrolled to degrees in world-class universities such as the University of San Carlos, University of Southern Philippines Foundation, University of Cebu, Indiana Aerospace University and Benedicto College,”the student said.

“Preliminary examinations are already starting. 

“We are examined on the topics we have covered since the first week of school up to this week.

“Besides, school here is good and disciplined. Classes are to be attended every day. No tardiness and all. 

“It is very religious because we have to start class with a prayer and there is a certain time where the bell rings and students have to stop from what they are doing or stop if you are walking and wait until the prayer is done. 

“As of now, I am preparing for my exams and I make sure I study all my lessons,” Hebou Kedea, a first-year bachelor of science in civil engineering student from the University of San Carlos, said.

The students have travelled to the Philippines for secondary and tertiary education since April 8 and have made adjustments to the country’s weather, culture, and most especially, to the Philippine education system. 

“It is very challenging because we are not only coping with and competing with the Filipinos but with other foreign students as well,” Kedea said.  

“I am studying hard to pass my exams and make my country and most of all my family proud. 

“That is something I could give back to them.”

The students are administered under PIEC, a Filipino education placement agency based in Cebu, Philippines. 

PIEC provides PNG students the opportunity to take advantage of the world-class education offered by schools in the Philippines. 

The agency can enrol students to high school and universities.