Students to sign MoU to be partners

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The National, Wednesday 28th December 2011

UPNG journalism student

THE Tsak Students Union Inc, of Wapenamanda, Enga, is to sign a public-private partnership memorandum of understanding with the Wapenamanda district administration as a development partner in the electorate.
Community leader and union acting general secretary Langa Kopio said the deal with the district administration would be signed on Jan 5.
He said under the deal, the Wape­namanda district administration would recognise the Tsak Students Union Inc as a development partner to implement project policies to achieve national government’s 2010-15 medium term development strategy and the Vision 2050.
“Signing of the MoU will open new door for the people of Wape­namanda to see some real change in development as it is to be a service delivery mechanism,” Kopio said.
He said the union would work closely with the district admi­nistration in seeking funds from donor agencies, other non-governmental organisations and the government for infrastructure development in the electorate.
He said the union would address other issues like HIV/AIDS and the use of illegal substances to educate people on improving their living standards.
“This agreement will have a great impact on the lives of the people of Wapenamanda who will see real development in the electorate to improve their lifestyle,” he said.
He said that the representatives from the National Planning Department would be present during the signing of the agreement .
They would advise the district administration and councillors on how they would perform their part in taking development to the people.
Kopio said the national planning representatives would explain the duties of councillors, the district administration, the provincial administration and at the national level to achieve the Vision 2050 and the 2010-15 medium term development strategy.
He urged councillors and district administration staff from the electorate to attend the signing as it would help them to work together in bringing change to develop the electorate.