Students urged to use God-given gifts

Normal, Papua

TABUBIL High School students have been urged to ultilise their God-given gifts wisely to excel in academics and in life.
Western province administrator William Goinau gave this message when addressing the school’s Grade 10 students.
“You are the cream of the crop in Western province and the country and you are as good and brilliant as other students in the country and around the world,” Mr Goinau told the students.
“You have not come to Tabubil High School by chance, rather, you have been chosen by God for a purpose and that is to know God first, and second, to do His will,” he added.
He told the students that for them to excel in their studies and in life, they had to be different when it came to their attitude in studies, behaviour in school, in the community and in their relationships.
He said God had given each of them gifts for their studies and in life.
These gifts are of time, talent, treasure or money and their body.
“Every one of you has talent but it is not the number of talents that matter but rather how the talent is utilised to improve your lives,” Mr Goinau added.