Sungi urges public servants to work hard

Momase, Normal

WEST Sepik provincial administrator Joseph Sungi warned his public servants that they will be disciplined if they did not change their work attitude for the better.
“I will use all the powers I have to deal with those who do not change and perform.
“It is time to deliver goods and services to the people at the districts and local level governments. West Sepik has remained stagnant for too many years in terms of development,” he said.
Speaking at a church rally sponsored by the Sandaun provincial government to open 2010 as a year for “Change for better West Sepik”, Mr Sungi said West Sepik had been labeled as the “least developed” province” in the country.
“We must change that mindset and work hard to make this province a prosperous one,” he said.
The Sandaun provincial government invited the Corner Stone Assemblies of God church national men’s ministry coordinator Pastor Tom Watinga from Port Moresby to officiate at the rally.