Support for aquaculture in Highlands

An aerial view of the Mt Giluwe Kalopa rainbow trout fish hatchery.
Mt Giluwe Kalopa rainbow trout fish hatchery farm keeper Rax Korol pulling rainbow trout out of the pond.

NATIONAL Fisheries Authority (NFA) managing director John Kasu says he is committed to support aquaculture (fresh water fish farming) in the Highlands.
Kasu said this during the recent launch of the Mt Giluwe Kalopa Trout Fish Hatchery Farm in Southern Highlands which is the second major fingerling distribution hub after Betty’s Mt Wilhelm trout farm in Chimbu.
NFA committed K200,000 to the aquaculture projects in the region during the launch of the trout fish farm at Mt Giluwe.
Kasu said from the sum K50,000 was to support the Mt Giluwe Kalopa Rainbow Trout Fish Hatchery Farm.
“Another K50,000 will be for importing and stocking fish feed to be sold in stores and the remaining K100,000 is to support other fish projects in the Highlands,” he said.
“Over the years, we have seen a gradual growth in the number of fish farmers in the Highlands.
“With this growth in numbers and renewed commercial commitment in the sector by our people, it is now incumbent on NFA to tailor specific targeted programme initiatives to incubate, mentor and facilitate consolidated successes of our people in this sector.”
Kasu said with the current growing trend and future prospects for aquaculture and fisheries in general, all stakeholders both domestic and international, needed to continue investment and support to the sector.
The Mt Giluwe trout farm was initiated by the Mandi Yakopa community in upper Mendi of Southern Highlands.
The community has a population of about 6,000 people who collectively own the fish farm through the Mt Giluwe Kalopa Cooperative Society.

The hatchery at the Mt Giluwe Kalopa rainbow trout fish farm in Southern Highlands used to breed the rainbow trout fish species.
Blocks of fish ponds at the Mt Giluwe Kalopa rainbow trout fish hatchery farm in Southern Highlands.

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