Support for Launa

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The National – Tuesday, June 21, 2011

STAFF of the PNG Sports Commission in Port Moresby have called on the media for responsible and fair reporting on the affairs of the PNG Sports Foundation and its management.
Scott Vavine, a former soccer international and a staff of PNGSC made this call in support of his embattled sports chief, Iamo Launa.
He said while respecting the freedom of media, he strongly felt that reports on allegations against Launa should be treated fairly and responsibly.
Vavine, who is a close associate of Launa’s, said she was being unfairly tried by the print media in the country.
A similar call was made by former sports administrator turned businesswoman Janet Sape last week.
Sape, who is the president of PNG Women in Business, said the media had targeted one of the few females in a high level management position.
She told The National before her press conference last Friday that she was concerned from the point of view of the women’s advocate because Launa’s reputation was being damaged before the matter concerning allegations of mismanagement had been addressed.
The former represenative netballer and administrator and the champion of the women’s issues, said current allegation was now before Ombudsman Commission and called on the media to respect the process and not tarnish Launa’s name and standing.
She said Launa had justified herself already with the relevant authority dealing with her case, and there was no need for the media to continue the negative reporting.
Sape said Launa had built her professional career from being a successful athlete at the Pacific Games and Commonwealth Games and then going on to become a professional woman with the Public Service Commission (PSC) prior to her appointment as PNG Sports Foundation executive director in 2009 taking over from John Kambuou.