Support Mori’s call to build gold refinery


THE call to build a PNG gold refinery by Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Minister Wera Mori is timely.
That is long overdue.
Mori is the most senior minister in the Government.
He has the natural intelligence and the appropriate education, exposure and experience to make this call.
As such, citizens of this country should give Mori their undivided support.
It was brought to my attention by John Kirakar of Madang that Mori called for an establishment of a gold refinery in PNG on a radio broadcast last week.
This is good news.
He is right, PNG needs this refinery, go ahead, we are behind you!
The benefits of having a refinery whereby PNG produces its own gold bullions and build and holding our own gold are immense.
The most obvious benefit will be stabilising the common volatility of our currency.
Mori’s suggestion is sound that it will for the first time in the history of PNG that a very mature statesman is speaking up for the country’s economic independence and maintaining a stable currency.
Economic independence and currency stability are seriously needed in this times of instability.
His suggestion proves that PNG has finally matured to the point of producing a brilliant minister who has a foresight that casts all shadows.

Sigl S Dorugl
Move PNG Forward