Tangit: Get you house in order

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 PNG Power Ltd chief executive John Tangit had advised executives of the Arona Valley Development Authority to sort out their differences before the company pays them any money.

He was responding to a warning by the association’s lawyer that the company should pay up more than K2 million in outstanding entitlements to the authority or face contempt of court charges. The court head earlier ordered the company to pay the money.

Warner Shand Lawyers wrote a warning letter to Tangit last Tuesday.

But Tangit said they would treat the Arona Valley landowners  “like every landowner in Papua New Guinea”.

‘We do respect them,” he said. “But the bottom line here is the fact that they need to provide evidence and visibility of good management, prudent management and good governance.

“What is happening now is that because of the division among their leadership, they are so divided that they are not together.”