Task force getting the job done

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

THE work of a task force formed by the Madang district administrator to control illegal or unwanted goods and persons in town is producing results.
From the time the announcement was made last month, the Madang urban local level government has been picking up business, according to deputy town
mayor and chairman of business licensing Chris Tomongo.
He said many businesses which had outstanding payments for business licences were coming to pay.
“The announcement of the task force team has even got ward councillors of the Bel area – which covers Yabob, Bilbil, Krangket, Siar, Malmal, Riwo and Kananam – to give their support.
“They are tired of the shady deals done over
their land in which Asians seem to have titles over,” he said.
Tomongo said the town was taken over by Asians and nothing could be done except to ensure that all businesses were legitimate and shop hands were not illegal migrants possessing falsified documents.
“We will be going out to do our inspections before this month is over and are intending to get results,” he said.
The team will be checking shops with foreign-owned goods on its shelves and checking passports and visas.
Health inspectors will check shops and building inspectors focus on safety structures.
Meanwhile, workers of J and Z Shopping Centre yesterday staged a protest and took their grievances to the administrator on employment conditions.
Their spokesman, who did not wish to be named, said their Chinese bosses ignored issues such as the picking
up and dropping off of those living far, especially on weekends and public holidays.
Administrator Lawrence Pitor said that their grievances would be passed on to the concerned authority to be looked into.