Taurama sets sights on law, order

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 MORESBY South MP and Minister for Sports and 2015 Pacific Games Justin Tkatchenko officially launched the Taurama Valley Community Development Association last Wednesday. 

The association is an initiative of Agape Interdenominational Ministry pastor Daniel Hewali and other settlers.

It aims to instil law and order along the Taurama Valley Road, which has seen an influx of people buying land and building homes there.

An interim committee has drawn up by-laws that, among other things, ban the sale and drinking of alcohol in the area, carrying of weapons in public, gambling, drug selling, smoking and noise after 11pm. 

 “I am pleased with the work of the community and am looking forward to working with it,” Tkatchenko said.  

“The church has taken the initiative, especially having a pastor of a church as chairman because that is good community participation in promoting law and order and peace in the community.

“As the minister responsible for sports I will be committed to assisting youths in the area to be involved more in sport activities.”