Teacher on mission to expose students

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 By Clement Kaupa

A GRADE 7 teacher and her family are on a mercy mission in Morobe’s capital this week.

All Tailabu Napam wanted was to give her graduating class from the remote Wandot Primary School on the Markham plains a fair chance in life.

Napam, teacher of the only Grade 7 class of 23 students, was in Lae yesterday delivering letters to companies seeking their approval to allow site visits for her students during a November excursion into the city.

Accompanied by her teacher husband and children, Napam said her students were underprivileged and the exposure would motivate them to see life beyond their present circumstances.  

“It makes me cry because many of them have only one change of clothing and nothing much else like calculators and pens to help them in their school work,” Napam said.

“It is so sad when you get to places like that and realise that many simple things that we take for granted are luxuries there.” 

The letter stated that the excursion would motivate students, broaden their perception of the outside world and introduce them to employment opportunities when they completed their formal education.  

“I want to give them a life-deciding experience in Lae in November,” Napam said. 

Napam and her husband have raised K2,250 of a budget of K5,250 and anticipated help from the local level government council office and Markham MP and Housing Minister Paul Isikiel.

“Our MP is a big supporter of human development for the electorate and we are confident he will assist us to make the excursion become a reality,” Napam said.