Teachers abandon kids

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ABOUT 30 elementary and 10 primary schools in the Rigo inland local-level government area, Central province, have closed down due to the absence of their teachers for the past six months, some for almost a year.
Rigo inland LLG president Ivan Namia said on Wednesday that teachers assigned to schools in his area lasted for only two weeks before heading back to Port Moresby and were hanging around in the city, getting paid for nothing.
He said some teachers were in school but were not teaching.
“There is no education for our children and many of them have grown into youths with no education and joined criminal activities,” he said.
Mr Namia also revealed that school subsidies were being stolen by teachers because most schools had no bank accounts and deposited their money into teachers’ accounts, making it easy for them to misuse funds.
He named some of the affected schools as Homenomu Elementary and Primary, Utuaika Primary, Unumomu Elementary and Marunomu Elementary schools.
“It is very disappointing for parents and the people in the community because we see that the Education Department was putting emphasis on quality education for all children and yet our children are left out,” Mr Namia said.
He said some parents had to bring their children to Port Moresby to stay with relatives and go to school.