Teachers anticipating NCDC takeover


THE National Capital District (NCD) Education Services office will now be under the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and no longer with the Education Department, according to NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
This is the change every teacher in NCD have been waiting for and would like to see eventuate.
Here are some of the areas that teachers are speculating about the benefits.
nLeave fares: Teachers are hoping to see no cuts in their leave fares and that this entitlement is deposited directly into their bank accounts;
nEducation institutional housing: Teachers living in the settlements and in classrooms are hoping to be accommodated in the many institutional houses in NCD schools;
nStandard based education: Teachers are hoping for proper guidance for standard based education to stabilise the education system as we go through this transitional period of adapting the 1.6.6 structure before 2030 (National Education plan).
nTraining: Teachers would like to undergo training in academic (curriculum development) or administration and management, upgrading their qualification to diploma or degree level while promoting the standard based education system; and,
nPerformance based salary structure: Teachers are hoping for raises in their salary according to their performances throughout the year.
These are some of the things that teachers are expecting.

Joseph Dongari

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