Teachers awaiting explanation


Can the Government explain to all teachers why the promise of adjusting teachers’ salaries were never actioned?
The coronavirus is killing people worldwide and the Government does not see teacher’s lives as sacred as any other person.
Such empty promises is not helpful at all.
Also, why are members of superannuation funds affected by the coronavirus pandemic still waiting to access part of their savings?
These superannuation savings should be made mandatory for all members to access, it is their money.
Honesty and promises should be upheld.
Can the relevant authorities clarify especially on teachers promised allowance made by the prime minister at the beginning of this year?
Including the reduction in taxes?
Through the Government’s short reign, public servants are facing constant delays in getting their pays on time.
This pay is the worst since the Government took over.
Why is the Government playing chess with public servants, especially teachers? The long pending issues affecting teachers will ultimately remain unless fixing is done.
Do not make empty promises and not know how to get the deal done.

Victim of Conspiracy,

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