‘Teachers’ appointment done on merit’


APPOINTMENT of teachers in Enga are done “on merit” following set processes and guidelines, provincial education adviser Rowintina Was says.
He was responding to a warning by the Head Bishop of the Gutnius Lutheran church of PNG David Piso that at least 30 schools the church runs will remain closed because the list of teachers it recommended was not accepted by education authorities.
Was said a church representative was on the teachers’ appointment committee which appointed teachers approved by the provincial education board he chairs.
“Bishop Piso maybe speaking on the right of the church but they have their representative on the committee which appoints teachers,” he said.
Was said the appointment of teachers went through various processes before the final one was approved.
“We wait for tenure appointments from the Teachers Service Commission.
“We then put them into schools and appoint other teachers and put them into positions available.”
Was said the first teacher appointment review would be conducted this week.
Bishop Piso said last week that the church was not happy with the teachers’ appointments and threatened to close its secondary and high schools, 30 primary schools, and over 100 elementary schools in Enga.
He claimed that the teachers recommended by the church were overlooked.
Bishop Piso also accused the appointment committee of breaching a court ruling by Justice Ambeng Kandakasi in Wabag four years ago that the appointment committee must consider teachers recommended by the church.


  • The PEB should not undermine the Authority of those Agency schools. Its seems that they have all the right to do appointments for all schools including the agency schools. Overriding and undermining their powers intentionally by PEB officers is not accepted and condemned at the highest level.

  • Agency run schools should be commended for what they do. The PEB must respect what they stand for and what their values are. A church run school must have Christian Teachers period. That should be the first criteria. If they are not practicing Christians then it totally under minds what the Agencies that sacrifice and run the schools are all about

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