Teachers in South Fly yet to resume duties


Many teachers in the South Fly district of Western did not resume duties last week as they were busy doing NID registration.
A team from the National Civil Identification Registry conducted registration at the provincial education office in Daru.
South Fly education appointment officer Malanga Towalo said teachers in the district, including remote places like Morehead, Suki and Kiwai Island had been coming to the education office since Monday last week to register.
“We are telling teachers to go back to their respective schools, but they are insisting to stay and complete their registration before they go back to their schools,” he said
“The district education office is still holding onto the resumption-of-duty forms.
“We cannot send these forms to schools because there are no teachers in schools to fill the forms.
“I am scared that the first week of the 2019 academic year will be affected.
“This year we are following the standard-based curriculum and schools in the district will be left behind.”
Malanga said the NID team should have come during the school holidays and registered teachers and not when school was about to start.
He said those teachers who missed on NID registration should wait until the first term break, when registration would be conducted.