Students unite for campaign to clean Madang town


STUDENTS in Madang have combined in a campaign to help clean Madang town recently.
According to a second-year student attending the University of Papua New Guinea Kurere Matanzana, 40 students from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions started the clean-up at the Tusbab Secondary School and finished in town.
Madang students from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions have combined to participate in a clean-up campaign to help keep Madang clean, safe and beautiful.
“As students from Madang, it is our obligation to support our local communities by any means possible,” Matanzana said.
The clean-a-thon received positive remarks from the public, one included the Madang Bethlehem Baptist Church Pastor David Patuk.
“I am impressed with the students. We call it beautiful Madang so we must keep it that way,” Patuk said.
“I hope the provincial and district government can fund such activities and keep the town and this can also provide job opportunities for unemployed youths.”
Patuk hoped the initiative taken by the students would make public realise it was wrong to litter.