Tei: Guilty must pay

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The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


THE State has been forced to pay millions of kina to people who lodged complaints against the police, Highlands police commander Teddy Tei says.

Tei said in the execution of their duties and confronted with certain situations, some officers over-reacted and hurt members of the public.

Tei was referring to media reports of people taking the constabulary to court, often resulting in the court ordering the State to pay damages.

He said the constabulary needed finance to improve living conditions such as proper accommodation, better pay and work conditions.

Tei said funds for these had to be diverted to settle damages and compensation.

He clarified that a only a few officers who stepped out of line were spoiling the image and reputation of the police force.

He urges police officers under his command to be transparent and act professionally in discharging their duties.

“I am directing all my provincial police station and section commanders to firmly deal with any police officers implicated in any unethical conduct,” he said.

He suggested that individual officers should be forced to pay damages and compensation and not the State.