Telecom sabotage possible

Letters, Normal

COMMUNICATION, be it verbal, written or electronic, is very crucial for business operation and any other work.
The three-day outage of telecom link between Port Moresby and other centres like Lae, Mt. Hagen, Goroka and Alotau had cost organisations a lot.
This so-called sabotage had adverse effects on the operations because external communication was not possible from these centres.
I learned that Telikom radio bearer to these centres and others linked from Boroko exchange had failed but the cause of the failure was not clear.
If it is not hardware problem, could it be the activity of wanted man William Kapris and his cronies?
If he can have the money and support to hire an expensive vehicle and bribe the CS officer with K30,000 as claimed by suspended CS Commissioner Richard Sikani, how impossible is it to disrupt the national telecom network?


Avani Mofrave,
Lae, Morobe province