Telefomin will link road

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The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 TELEFOMIN will  be linked to Tabubil by road within  three years, MP Solan Misirim says.

He appealed to state ministers Charles Abel, Francis Awesa and Mao Zeming to help make roads accessible  to the people of Telefomin. 

Ok Tedi Mine Ltd managing director Nigel Parker was present with them.

Works Minister  Awesa presented a cheque for K5 million to the Melamaju Ltd – the company contracted to build the proposed road for work to begin on the Tabubil to Telefomin road.

“This is 50% of the money allocated this year from the national government budget for the road,” he said.

“The other 50% will be given before the end of this year.

“On top of that, another K10 million will be allocated in next year’s budget.” 

Awesa said more money would be sourced from Ok Tedi Mine Ltd’s Tax Credit Scheme.

“We will talk with OTML’s Nigel Parker  and I am sure he will have no hesitation in helping to fund the construction of the road,” he said.

“We will have that road, for we definitely have the government support and of course OTML.”

Parker said he had already spoken to the government.

“OTML, in partnership with the Telefomin district administration will be lodging a submission to the government so that the TCS can be used to help build the road,” he said.

Parker said the government and Solan’s vision to have a Tabubil to Telefomin road had already been a reality.

“Engineering studies for the road were done 40 years ago. 

“There was no political will so the construction did not eventuate,” Parker said.

“There now is political will and my people of Telefomin, you will have your road.”