Telikom technicians restoring services

National, Normal

The National, Friday 7th June 2013

 TELIKOM PNG Ltd technicians are working to restore telephone lines to three major businesses in Voco Point, Lae.

Telephone lines at Colgate Palmolive, PNG Forest Products and The National were affected with the breakdown in communication.

The problem began three weeks ago and worsened this week when calls could neither be received nor made. 

Telikom’s Access team leader in Lae, Mombis Gango said yesterday the problem had been traced back to Telikom’s main cable.

Gango said spare lines had been identified and the numbers of the affected companies would be transferred there.

“We have found the problem and adjustments should be done by the weekend,” he said.

As with the other two firms, business at The National was greatly affected this week, especially in editorial, sales and advertising.

Lae advertising supervisor Leo Lausie said there was a lot of problemson the phone lines last weekmaking communication difficult.

“This week the lines just went dead and many of our advertising clients are unaware of the problem and might think no-one is manning the switchboard,’ he said. 

“Yes business was definitely affected and I hopethe problem is resolved soon.”