Thank you Bogia MP


THANK you Bogia MP Robert Naguri for taking the positive approach to request officers from the Finance Department to investigate the usages of millions of kina purposed for Manam Resettlement over the years.
The resettlement of the Manam Islanders is an ongoing issue with much talking but less action taken.
Under our very own eyes, the people of Manam have been robbed of the welfare and are become a local refugee suffering the consequence of our greed and self interest.
The formal and bold request by Naguri to Finance Minister Charles Able to investigate all the resettlement funding is timely and of great relief to us the people of Madang, Bogia and Manam.
So much funding in the name of resettlement has been given over the years including the latest disappeared funding of K6million but very little has been achieved so far and this year marks the 15 years of suffering the people of Manam has gone through.
We have seen bloodshed, properties and gardens being destroyed; displacement of people, lives been lost and the list continues and wonder when all this issues will come to its end.
It is in the best interest of us the people of Madang, Bogia and Manam to see a full audit carried out by relevant authorities into Madang Provincial Government, Provincial Treasury, Ramu Development Foundation and all concern parties so that justice must prevail.
From laymen’s perspective, there is clear indication of misuses and abuse of the millions of kina purposed for the resettlement of the Manam Islanders over the years, hence resettlement progress is still very low.
We believe that the finding will also uncover many other gross misuse, mismanagement and misappropriation within the Madang Provincial Government.
With the new government’s vision to make ‘PNG the Richest Black Christian Nation’, it’s time cleansing must take place starting from Madang Government/ Administration and downwards.
Despite our status, we are all subject to the law of this nation and let this be a reminder to everyone that the days of malpractices and corruption is being numbered and the law will catch you up shortly.
Finally we the people of Madang, Bogia and Manam support the call for full investigation and auditing into the millions of kina purposed for Manam resettlement over the years and brings an end to our 15 years of pain and suffering.

Jerry Ambali
Bogia People Network

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