Thank you Central education division


I ACKNOWLEDGE the Central education division for the job well done in 2020.
The appointment of teachers to vacant positions was done in a timely manner and furnished for all teachers to see and know where their postings.
This will enable the hardworking teachers to have enough time to plan in advance and travel if they are posted to new locations.
Well done.
I acknowledge the provincial education board and the current adviser for a tremendous job to sort out teachers’ annual leave fares on time so the teachers will have enough time to plan and travel.
This is unlike previous administrations where teachers usually front up the Konedobu offices to gamble with officers demanding they be paid their leave fares on time.
This usually led to teachers losing patience and damaging properties to show frustrations.
This trend has changed and the standard has greatly improved.
The national grade 8 examination results has elevated the province to the 11th position, which is a bonus.
I salute the hardworking teachers of Central for the great improvement in educating the young minds of tomorrow.
Let us work towards better results this year.
Congratulations Central.
It’s about time we leave the back seat and move to the front.

H2O cluster 2020