Thank you for your service


AS declarations of Member-elects are being done and the 11th Parliament is about to sit, I would like to thank the polling and counting officials who took part in the various polling and counting venues across the country.
Equal thanks to the security personnel and the mass media and social media.
Although many things seem dysfunctional and bring doubt, uncertainty and frustration, you have done a tremendous job to make the system of electing a Member of Parliament work as far as the electoral process is concern.
Your contributions were needed very much which you have offered.
Thank you.
Of course, you are services providers and sometimes especially in this kind of events you are not recognised well.
Besides the delay in your allowances, security and family and their wellbeing are affected.
But the paramount thing is that you have expressed interest to be the part of process to elect an MP as the MP plays a significant role in the journey of our electorates not only in five-year term, but the greater future.
We must know every time that this country is not owned by any individual and in this case nor a prime minister, Member of Parliament, governor-general, commissioner of any state institute, bureaucrats of state departments, a candidate, a supporter of a candidate, etc.
This country belongs to the 8 million-plus people.
Every individual either advantage or disadvantage, able or disable, educated or uneducated, old or young, male or female, Christian or non-Christian, owns this country and the freedom and rights to live.
So we must work together to create a peaceful, healthy and safe environment.
We as an individual or group must be responsible in our thoughts, words and actions.
We have to contribute meaningfully.
Collecting votes and counting according to the number of votes cast is one of the activities carried out so far.
Although it may look small, carrying it out diligent makes the difference.
So kudos to you all, the polling and counting officials.
John F. Kennedy said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
How many of us are doing something for our country?

Kenny Pawa Ambiasi
Port Moresby

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