Thank you Gerehu Hospital for service


I HAVE been going to private clinics and hospitals in Port Moresby, but have not once sought medical help from a public hospital or clinic in the city.
Gerehu Hospital, is about 10 minutes away from where I live.
Two members of my family needed urgent medical attention on the weekend and we had to take them quickly to Gerehu Hospital.
I was impressed with the patient care that doctors, nurses and other hospital staff displayed at the emergency department.
There were some patients who were very sick and needed close medical attention.
We had to actually sit on the floor during the first night as there was no available beds.
The hospital condition is another issue they had to put up with while at the same time dealing with sick patients, with some needing constant and close attention.
As human as we are, we tend to at times complain about the attitude that certain health workers from certain public health facilities display when attending to patients.
But the patient care and attitude that was displayed by the Gerehu Hospital staff during the two days that we got admitted gave me a completely different impression.
Most of them were young doctors, nurses and other workers.
It gave me hope to see that they clearly served with so much humility and pride.