Thank you Juffa for police vehicles


IT is wonderful news for the northern police command and the Northern people with the recent donation of 12 police vehicles by Governor Garry Juffa through the Government and police’s kina-for-kina concept.
The 12 vehicles costing Northern government more than K2 million.
The money is spent on a worthwhile cause.
It is a timely assistance to a province that is currently riddled with increasing law and order issues such as robbery, armed hold ups, consumption of homebrew and drugs including criminal activities and disorderly behaviour of young people.
Those issues have painted a bad image of the province over the years.
To the Northern policemen and women, you are fortunate to be given such a great assistance.
Make regular patrols into crime infested areas and flush out criminals and those who are a nuisance to the community.

Paul Minga,