Thanks for the stories


AS we are winding down the year and the new year is drawing closer, I would like to thank all the authors of the Weekender of The National for sharing your talents and stories with us.
Every Friday, I skim straight to the middle pages for your articles.
Your amazing stories inspire, educate and move us every weekend.
I understand one article takes a lot of time to write, edit, rewrite, edit and then write again.
Imagine the countless revision a story goes through before it is published.
It involves such a massive work for a story to be refined and become ready for the readers.
You talented hands beat out the fear of the blank page and knock off stories for your readers every Friday.
Many times, I get absorbed by your stories and even forget I am reading a story.
Some of them are very well written in clear and simple language that I see the places and people right there on the pages.
That is how engaging and captivating your stories are to your readers.
We value your stories, stories from our very own writers.
I like reading stories by Thomas Hukahu.
He is one of my favourite writers who contributes beautiful articles to the Weekender.
I have picked up excellent tips on writing a book, learning English and learned many great things from this gentleman.
I encourage readers and students to read Hukahu’s articles.
Daniel Kumbon is also a regular contributor who I love reading.
He is a prominent Papua New Guinean author who shares extracts from his excellent books.
Rev Seik Pitoi is another excellent writer whose articles I enjoy so much.
He writes in simple English.
In one of his recent articles, he wrote a story about his trip to Israel.
Rev Pitoi described his trip so well that he pulled me into his story.
I could imagine travelling alongside with him, exploring the shoreline of Lake Galilee in the Bible land.
There are also some very talented writers in the likes of Michael John Uglo, Prof Craig Alan Volker, Paul Minga, Malum Nalu and many others whose names are not mentioned here.
They produce excellent stories.
Helen Tarawa, Gynnie Kero and The National’s other journalists have also been supplying us with great stories.
Thank you to readers who contribute to the Letters section.
You speak up and express your opinions on major issues affecting the country and share interesting and motivating letters.
The Letters section of the paper is never empty in a single day.
A special thank you to The National for providing the avenue for great stories to reach thousands.
I am content to spend my K2 to get a copy of the paper because I know I have so much to get out of that money.
Your pen reaches readers as far as the scattered islands of Milne Bay up to the Sepik River and over to Buka Island and beyond.
Echoes of your stories resound from the Highlands to the coast.
Continue to write and share your beautiful stories.
I believe you still have more to share with us.
Continue to write and put a smile on a reader’s face.
Inspire the nation with your stories.

Richard Napam