The courage not to give up


DO not expect everything to happen the way you have always wanted it.
Sometimes things will go against your own will.
I feel sorry for our many students who are left alone in the streets of towns and cities in this country without an opportunity to continue their education.
Many may see these children, who are not in school, as a useless lot. I see them as sleeping giants waiting to be awaken.
If we show our displaced children that we love them, they will surely rise to become great assets for this nation. In every grade 8, 10 and 12 failure, there is a future doctor, a future engineer, a future politician and even a future millionaire.
To our students who have been struggling to get an education, here is my advice: Never give up.
Sometimes when situations happen you start to doubt yourself, but if you keep going, you will realise that an abundance of blessings is awaiting.
The Bible says that God feeds every bird of the air and even knows when they will die.
God makes sure every animal has food to eat.
You don’t know how much blessings you will miss out of in the future if you give up now.

Glen Burua
DWU, Madang

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