The Good Lord has heard our cries

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

THE Somare-led government has boasted about the mining and mineral boom in PNG but there is no development across the country for the people to see.
The majority of the people continue to suffer and many of us struggle to make ends meet thanks to the LNG project.
The prices of goods continue to rise, forcing us to dig deeper into our shallow pockets.
Renting a house today is out of the question as some of the weekly rental is 10 times more than what we earn a fortnight.
I believe God has heard our cries.
The prime minister has stepped aside.
The father of this nation and his so-called kitchen cabinet have done enough damage and misery to last us a lifetime.
Many times we are left wondering where this great nation of ours is heading.
As such, I pray acting Prime Minister Sam Abal can guide us out of the mess and the signs so far are good.

Prayers answered
Port Moresby