The same old story resurfaces

Letters, Normal

I READ with interest your article on the colourful launching of a Moran landowner company called Moran Ina Naga Ltd (MII). While I appreciate the roles good leaders like Tony Kila play, I question the integrity of some of the people involved. Too many landowner companies are mushrooming all over the place for business development grants. What happened to the Moran Development Corporation (MDC), its unsettled liabilities and who ran it down?
Can the chairman, Telabe Papena, and his deputy Edward Alina release a financial statement so that all the Moran people will know what happened to their money? It appears that funds for MDC were mismanaged.
This is totally unacceptable. What about the K9 million to be released to Moran landowner company by the
Finance Department for the Homa-Tari road? We don’t see any machines working on that road. Now these same people are behind MII Ltd. I also note the appearance of Oil Search Ltd heavies in your article and wonder what their role is this time. Why let MDC down and set up MII Ltd? Oil Search has to wake up and help, or else they are part and parcel of the fall of MDC I challenge Tony Kila to make MII Ltd progress and leave a lasting legacy in Moran. Otherwise, it will be another MDC after the business development grant is looted. Moran will soon become a waste land with too many chiefs and their landowner companies.


 My Moran, Port Moresby