Thousands left homeless


LAST Christmas, thousands were left homeless.
I am sure that authorities in this country are aware of the destruction and mayhem brought upon families during the eviction exercise at Port Moresby’s Garden Hills settlement.
May the God of peace and love bless the ones who were behind this eviction exercise.
Jesus gave up His glory and riches so that you and I can become rich in His ways and be shepherds to the poor.
Rumour has it that a church leader is behind this.
For someone to orchestrate the displacement of families who are working hard to make ends meet, especially when Christmas was approaching, is something I cannot comprehend.
The church needs to clear up this mess.
If there are masquerading individuals hiding behind the church to progress their evil plans, the church, without fear or favour, needs to expose them.
Have these individuals pursue their interests outside of the church.
Please come forward with the names of these individuals and save the church.