Threat to block road by Markham MP not right

Letters, Normal

MARKHAM MP Koni Iguan has given Deputy Prime Minister and Works Minister Don Polye 14 days to fix the Zumim bridge, which has claimed so many lives, the latest being PNG’s only tele-evangelist Pastor Joseph Kingal last Monday.
While I support Iguan’s call on Polye to fix the road and bridge, I am not in favour of his intention to mobilise his people to block the highway if Polye did not respond positively to his call.
It is not right to hold travellers to ransom.
I am running a trucking company and my business has suffered greatly in the past when the people along the highway block roads and demand compensation.
Despite earlier warnings and calls to realign the road approaching the Zumim bridge, the prime minister and deputy prime minister did not bother to take any action.
I do not expect them to do so because it does not affect them.
If Iguan and his people at Markham were to block the main highway, not only will my business suffer but the many travelling public will also be affected.
As such, I urge the good MP to think of better and smarter way to handle this issue and not to resort to blocking the highway as that would only encourage criminals to take advantage of the situation.
We must get rid of this mentality of blocking roads as it is not our culture.


Highway user