Three voted back into office for second terms


THREE heads of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) voted in during the church’s 31nd synod in Boana, Morobe, were installed last weekend.
The three, who were voted back into office for their second terms, were Bishop Jack Urame, Assistant Bishop Lucas Kedabing and Church secretary Bernard Kaisom.
The installation ceremony officially vests power in the three to carry out formal church duties.
Speaking during the installation service at Martin Luther Seminary Chapel, former Lae open MP and community leader Bart Philemon, said the church played an important role in the development of the nation.
He said the church catered for the moral and spiritual wellbeing of the country and this was crucial as PNG needed to be steered on the right path to prosperity.
Philemon said PNG was rated one of the most corrupt countries (136th out of 176) in the world and fighting and reducing this problem was everyone’s responsibility, including the church.
ELCPNG Bishop Rev Dr Jack Urame said the church needed to provide guidance and reinforce moral and evangelical behaviour in order to address the problems faced by the people.
He said the church itself needed to be united and face issues such as corruption, lack of development and law and order breakdown, and make practical decisions for the good of the people.
He said establishing a dialogue and partnership with the government was needed to fulfil its mission and help as many people as possible.
“Over the next four years the three strategies we (executives) are looking at are stabilising the church, reorganising and re-strengthening the links from the districts,” he said.
Meanwhile, representing the overseas church partners and missionaries Thorsten Krafft, highlighted that despite the declining numbers of missionaries coming to serve in the country, their partnership was still strong and communication would always be maintained as the church grew.