TI Madang wants response

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The National, Friday 04th November 2011

TRANSPARENCY International PNG chairman in Madang wants the provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie Jr to transfer long-serving policemen out of the province.
John Thomas made the call following the escape of 30 detainees, 11 of whom were serious offenders.
He said the petition by the Madang civil society and women in the province had yet to be acted on.
The protest last year took place after the attack on one of Madang’s longest residents.
The petition handed to the provincial police commander and station commander called for the transfer of the longer serving police officers who were to be replaced with new recruits.
“The performance of policemen in Madang is very poor,” Thomas said.
He said complaints were attended to 30 minutes after the initial call.
He said the force had mostly ageing officers and needed young, vibrant officers to police the province.
“We all know that the longer a policemen serves, whether it be a local or outsider, bribery could prevail in that they have forged friendships with the locals, making it harder for them to carry out their duties,” he said.
Thomas questioned how the 30 convicts fled despite shift members being on call.
 “How could they have cut the fence with police officers on duty that night? Where did they get the tool to execute their plan?” he asked.
He said the Shift D members must be sacked.
“This is a security threat to the community and public.”
Thomas said the introduction of reservists should be undertaken to increase police manpo­wer in the province.