Tiensten joins Opposition

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013


POMIO MP Paul Tiensten has joined the Opposition bench in parliament, a move described as done in the best interest of the people and the future of the country.

Tiensten is the deputy leader of the United Resource Assembly.

Opposition Leader Belden Namah told reporters yesterday that Tiensten’s defection was “a signal to all members of parliament from the backbenches, middle benches, ministers and senior ministers that things are not right” in the Peter O’Neill-led government.

Namah was joined at the press conference in Port Moresby yesterday by shadow Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat, deputy Opposition leader Sam Basil and Tiensten.

It bring to seven the number of MPs in the Opposition.

Namah said: “There is more to come. This is just the start. We are patriotic and nationalist.

“Enough is enough. It’s time to address issues of corruption in this country.

“We have one common issue and that is to fight corruption because we have the country in our hearts. The defection of Tiensten shows that.

“This is done for the benefit of the people and country.”

He said the Opposition was concerned about the “free fall” of the kina which, would make life difficult for the people because inflation would rise and force the little people to pay more.

He said the Opposition was concerned about corruption “which was widespread in the bureaucracy”.

Tiensten leaves behind in the government side party leader and Hela Governor Anderson Agiru, Western Governor Ati Wobiro and Kagua Erave MP James Lagea.