Time for authorities to act

Letters, Normal

FOR most part of Waigani Drive in Port Moresby, there are three lanes each side.
However, thanks to some inconsiderate drivers, they have turned one lane into a parking lot.
I refer to the section outside BSP and Mobil petrol station opposite The National and bemobile.
They are committing an offence by parking on the road but the real “offenders” are the authorities for not taking action.
The authorities cannot claim that they are not aware as it has been going on for too long.
They are either unbothered or simply too lazy to act.
Traffic is getting heavier by the day and it does not help when the authorities allow run-down vehicles on the road and inconsiderate parking.
A high number of taxis clog the roads at a slow pace, oblivious of the vehicles they are holding up.
It is obvious that the approving authority has not considered the number of taxis needed in Port Moresby.


Port Moresby