Time for Hagen to clean up

Letters, Main Stories

I REFER to the headline “Gang strikes” (The National, Sept 24).
I am sad to read that one innocent life is lost and another fighting for his life at Mt Hagen General Hospital after they were shot by heavily armed criminals who break into a container.
This is not the first time nor will it be the last to read about incidents happening in the so-called PNG’s third city, Mt Hagen.
We hear and read of killings, rapes, robberies, destruction of properties, petty crimes, etc.
In addition, the rate of lawlessness is still escalating and innocent people have become victims.
Rather than pointing fingers, let’s put aside our differences and embrace peace, unity and development. 
It is high time for the communities around the city, village and settlement leaders and elders to work together with police and condemn this evil practices.
We need to start conducting awareness to stop such evil acts.
This is also a wake-up call for the Mt Hagen police to stop giving all sorts of excuses from no fuel to lack of manpower.


KM Kips
Mt Hagen