It is time to move: PM

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PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has cautioned the ringleaders of a demonstration at the former Manus regional processing centre and said it is time to move to the new accommodation.
“The Manus centre was established for the sole reason of processing asylum claims, now all claims have been processed and the centre has closed,” O’Neill said.
“The centre will not be reopened and it will be returned to its former function as a Defence Force facility. Given the Supreme Court’s decision, the Government has no choice but to intervene for the wellbeing of both the refugees and non-refugees.
“Those involved in disruption have been identified and  appropriate  means  will be used to apprehend  individuals who  are  causing unnecessary  anxiety and  violence.
“Their actions are now heading towards a law-and-order situation, as well as a hygiene and sanitation problem, and it will be dealt with as such, whether they are genuine refugees or not.
“There are 610 men on Manus who have been found to be refugees and arrangements are being made to settle them in third countries. There are also 210 men who have been found to not be legitimate refugees.
“Now that the processing of asylum claims have been completed, the relocation exercise is taking place where there is a separation of genuine and non-genuine refugees.
“The locations to where they are being moved have much better facilities than the closed  centre, with services and utilities provided for  much more comfort and healthier living.
“Our government and the people of Manus are asking all refugees and  non-refugees  to  behave in a  peaceful  and  orderly manner.”