Kantha urges non-refugees to shift to new camps

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ACTING Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha is urging non-refuges refusing to leave the regional processing centre on Manus to move to the new camps.
He said the Supreme Court had refused the application by refugee Behrous Boochani filed by lawyer Ben Lomai to put on hold the decommissioning process and restore services at the closed centre.
Kantha said those refusing to leave the centre no longer had any legal basis to remain there.
“It is impossible to restore any services and they must move immediately for the interest of their own safety, hygiene and health,” he said.
The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority sent health inspectors into the decommissioned facility to make an assessment.
It is likely that the centre will be declared “uninhabitable” because there was no water and power supply, and rubbish was piling up posing a health risk.
The residents must move immediately as may be exposed to diseases such as dysentery and cholera.
“All services including security and medical services are available at the new accommodation sites and there is no reason to remain at Lombrum,” Kantha said.