Time to change Madang leaders


MADANG is marred with rising criminal activities and lawlessness. The lack of leadership in the province can be blamed for this.
Madang was once a beautiful and peaceful province.
However, in recent years, the lack of services and the lack of leadership has seen Madang become one of Papua New Guinea’s worst provinces.
There are murders on the street, hold ups on the roads, decaying infrastructure while our two key politicians are focused on attacking each other and scoring points.
While Justice Minister and Madang MP Bryan Kramer is occupied in Port Moresby, Governor Peter Yama is busy dealing with accusations of misappropriating funds and a long history of questionable behaviour and allegations of criminal enterprises.
What hope is there for the people of Madang when there is no unity in leadership?
What hope is there for the people when their districts lack basic services, businesses are leaving the province due challenges beyond their control and unemployment is on the rise?
It is time the people of Madang demand change.
If we do not do so, we will see the situation worsen.
It is time to vote these leaders out.
Replace these MPs and vote in those who can unite and change the province.
It is time to change our expectations and our leadership.
Madang deserves better.

Mangi Madang

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