Tjandra affair shows need for savvy minister

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 13th July, 2012

FOREIGN Affairs and Immigration Minister Ano Pala should be reprimanded for approving the citizenship of Indonesian fugitive Joko Tjandra.
One thing Pala fails to understand is that we cannot substitute economic gains for ethical conduct, especially when the catchwords now are “to fight corruption”.
Why should we entertain people with questionable backgrounds?
Is it because they have the money?
This decision and its revocation by the prime minister only prove one thing; that his minister failed to conduct proper and thorough research before awarding citizenship.
The prime minister should sack Pala from
the PNC Party too.
This incident should also serve as a lesson for the new government that the position of a minister for foreign affairs and immigration has to be gi­ven to a respected, matured, disciplined, cre­dible, articulate and intelligent person with extensive international relations experience.
We cannot award citizenships just for the sake of political convenience.
We do not want to repeat any more mistakes that would tarnish our country’s international relations with others.
Let us save ourselves further embarrassment by having good leaders elected into office.

Mangi Rigo