Tkatchenko leaves PNC, rejoins Social Democratic Party

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MORESBY South MP Justin Tkatchenko has rejoined the Social Democratic Party after six years with the People’s National Congress Party.
He said he wanted to work with party leader Powes Parkop, the National Capital District Governor, to develop his electorate.
“I had contested the 2012 national election as a SDP candidate,” he said.
“But after the election, I joined PNC because at that time it was necessary to develop my electorate and also to ensure that national events like the 2015 Pacific Games and 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting progressed smoothly.
“Now that those events are over, I can rejoin my original party. I also want to thank Prime Minister James Marape for retaining me as a state minister in his cabinet.”
Parkop said he did not expect Tkatchenko to return.
“But I think his time with PNC is over. At that time, the PNC-led Government needed numbers to move their policies to develop the country. They have achieved that purpose. He has to move on and come back to his original party.”
Parkop said as minister for Sports, Apec, Lands and now Housing, Tkatchenko “will drive the NCDC urbanisation project in converting settlements into suburbs”.


  • Members need to keep their interigity….leaders suppose to believe in party flatforms and policies to drive the nation forward instead jumping from party to party for just survival only is very sick in this country where we have too many house man lots of talk and achieve little.

  • Such politicians to jumped from one party to another are believed to be using other parts of their body to think then the brain and are doing for personal gain. Maski longlong na votim ol lo next election.

  • NOT one single political party policy has changed this country’s (PNG) standard of living as far as I know. Registrar of Political Party should just introduce 4-5 fixed parties where MP’s or intending candidates can join. Creation of unnecessary political parties creates more political infighting rather than contributing meaningfully to the nation. Just too many political parties.

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