Toddler abuser is an aunt

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Christopher Tamari

THE woman who took a video of herself abusing a toddler has been identified as an aunt, currently on the run from police, says Police Commissioner David Manning.
He denied reports that the woman had been arrested on Friday. “Police have not (arrested) her yet,” he said.
Manning urged the woman to turn herself in to the Boroko police station in Port Moresby, or to any police station.
The video of her abusing the crying toddler went viral on social media last week, with many airing their disgust and abhorrence at the “vile” act.
Acting Metropolitan Superintendent Christopher Tamari told The National that the woman was the toddler’s aunt.
“She is the sister of the child’s father, “Tamari said.
“Since the picture of the woman went viral, the family positively identified her and are now assisting the police in searching for her.
“I know this is a difficult time for everyone involved in this case, but we need to ensure the woman is brought in.”
Manning and Tamari urged the public who see the woman anywhere to inform the nearest police station immediately.
Manning branded the woman’s action as “sickening”.
“Our priority is to bring to justice this female,” he said.
“And equally important is to (safeguard) the child from any further harm and contact with this person and anyone else who entertains this type of illegal behaviour.
“It is both horrific and sickening to deliberately subject an innocent child to this act.
“Anyone having any knowledge or information relating to the whereabouts of the person in question is encouraged to contact the family and sexual violence unit office at the nearest police station.”
Any person with information on the whereabouts of the woman should contact Sgt Job Eremungo of the FSVU on telephone 7652 6156.