Toni and Gore prove them wrong

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

HEARTY congratulations to Loujaya Toni, member-elect for Lae, and Delilah Gore, for Sohe.
They proved to all those  seeking for the establishment of reserved seats that ywomen do not need men’s sympathy and special treatment.
Thye competed on a level playing field with rules set by men and earned their win just like Dame Carol Kidu, Nahau Rooney, Enny Moaitz and Dame Josephine Abijah, just to name a few.
To the male MPs who did not support the bill for fear of female intrusion into what is considered to be a male-dominated arena, this demonstrates that women can do it too.
Menfolk must get ready to accept more women parliamentarians towards nation building.
May your time in parliament be a life-changing experience for your voters, yourself and PNG.
Do the right thing and it will ensure your return for a second term.

Dessie Vinun