Toni commends efforts made to address grievances

National, Normal

The National, Friday 26th April 2013

 LAE MP Loujaya Toni commended the efforts of Lae police chief Iven Lakatani, law and order chairman Peter Namus, community leader Tukape Masani and their team for attending to the grievances of people in her electorate.

“I am a legislator not a police personnel or community leader that I should be present at every grievance debate or break down of law and order in Lae,” Toni, who is also Community Development, Youth and Religion Minister, said.

“I have confidence and respect those in authority in Lae district and their roles where law and order is concerned. They will advise me on what course of action to support and legislate for.”

Toni said the strength of the country’s laws was being tested by the increasing acts of violence against women and children.

“In recent weeks the strength of our current legislation has been tested by sporadic then more frequent reports of violence against women and girl children.

“No woman or girl child should be subjected to the terrible ordeal of rape as a violence both domestic within a family, community and nation,” she said.

Toni was also concerned about the recent mass breakout of prisoners, including those from the Buimo jail near Lae.

“We need to strengthen our jail infrastructure and holding areas to prevent the escape of prisoners,” she said.  

“We need to promote rehabilitation of low to medium offenders and one aspect is to allow weekend bail for them under custody to interact with their wives and return to jail to prevent rising levels of sexual frustration.” 

Toni added that sex education should be encouraged in schools and within various sectors of the community.

“We now need an inter-agency, inter-departmental and inter-institutional, community wide orientation on sexual communication with churches taking the lead on accepted biblical principles.”