Top cop: Stop tribal mentality

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NATIONAL Capital District/Central Commander Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie says there is no need for tribal mentality, especially in a city like Port Moresby.
“The recent ransom demand for the death of a man from Hela in Gulf by his relatives is uncalled for,” he said.
“Holding a province at ransom is not being taken lightly by us.”
This is the third ethnic confrontation in the city by two ethnic groups.
Recent confrontations were between Engans and Eastern Highlanders at 5-Mile and Enga and Southern Highlands people at 8-Mile.
Wagambie told The National that a video had surfaced showing individuals making a K250,000 compensation demand.
“The video clearly shows threats being made to the Gulf people. This will not be taken lightly,” he said.
“No one has the right to hold others at ransom by issuing threats for payment of money.
“The Gulf people are innocent and should not be threatened.
“What had led to the death of the man from Hela is from a police operation and they can bring it up with the Gulf or Southern commanders, if they feel the killing was unjustified.
“There are means to pursue this.
“This is NCD and Central and we will not tolerate this.
“Gulf people and everyone is free to move around the city without the threat of being attacked.
“This is a city and there is no room for this sort of tribal mentality.
“I call on the municipal government to seriously look into taking steps to help with the maintenance of law and order in the city.”