Tourists love to visit but crime keeping them away


AUSTRALIAN tourist George Horrolt says law-and-order issues are hindering tourism development in Morobe.
He said during a day trip to Finschhafen that more needed to be done to drive the industry.
Horrolt,77, who lived in Morobe in the late 1940s and early ’50s said the country had a huge tourism potential and Morobe, in particular, could receive more tourists from Australia each year if law-and-order problems were addressed.
He said these problems painted a very bad picture of the province and the country.
“Australian tourists really love to visit the country and experience the culture, traditions, arts and crafts and learn from our past as many have only learnt about the country through the media,” he said.
Acting Provincial Tourism Officer with the Division of Commerce and Tourism Industry Christa Moat said law and order was an on-going issue.
The Office of Commerce and Tourism will work with the other districts to develop tourism, he said. “Establishing the provincial tourism bureau will market the potential Morobe has in tourism.”