Town is moving ahead with beautification, officer says

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013


WABAG town is no longer way behind but is confidently moving ahead with infrastructural development and major town cleanup and beautification, a civil servant says.

He praised the recent clean up and removal of tucker box containers in the town.

John Yamarak, a native of Wabag attached to the Agriculture and Livestock Department with the provincial government, said the cleanup would pave way for many infrastructural developments under the leadership of MP Robert Sandan Ganim.

“Wabag town must be a model and capital town reflecting the uniqueness, maturity and unity of the province,” he said.

“It was a public disgrace to experience the boom in informal business flourishing in the town with tucker box containers serving as wholesalers and retailers without following town regulations and violating many town laws and rules.

“People coming into the provincial capital for business or pleasure will now truly see the changes and experience the hospitality the province has to offer.”

Ganim presented more than K10,000 worth of safety gear and uniforms to Wabag police station commander Insp Epenas Nili to ensure Wabag town was kept clean and the owners of tucker box containers to voluntarily remove all their containers.